Chanterelle cream sauce – Fun with naturalists!

September 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Have you heard?  Foraged is the new local.  Which makes local food the new organic.  Which makes organic, I don’t know, the new black?  Or maybe the “please, please, make an effort to buy food that reaches at least this standard of quality, yes I know it’s expensive (though not for everything), but this is your health, your planet, your humane treatment of farm workers and animals we’re talking about here.” (Somehow I don’t think that’s going to catch on as a slogan…)

Anyway, foraged food has been catching on for a while and it seems to be really picking up steam now.  Many popular restaurants (especially in California – big surprise) are now relying on locals to forage various interesting greens and mushrooms for them.  The cutting edge restaurant, Noma, in Copenhagen is exploring new territory in Scandinavian cuisine by actually looping right back around to explore the old territory of the wild berries, roots, herbs, fish, and other foods that have been traditionally collected in the area to craft beautifully plated dishes that distill the essence of the landscape and culture.  I know some people are a bit skeptical, but I’m a firm believer in terroir, the term used in wine to describe the way a particular place imparts a unique flavor to the grapes that are grown there.  And, if it works for grapes, why on earth shouldn’t it work with other food too?

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