Christmas morning vegetable frittata – reprise

December 25, 2010 § 1 Comment

This post was originally posted one year ago, today, but we had this frittata again this year (of course – it’s tradition!) and I was reminded, as always, of how good it is and wanted to share it again.

I’m pretty much always the first one up on Christmas morning (originally because I was more ridiculously excited to open presents than anyone else, now it’s because I’m hungry before anyone else!), and while I wait around for all the other creatures to start stirring, I put on a pot of coffee, and I start cooking this frittata for our Christmas Day brunch.

This year, as I sautéed the onions and whisked the eggs, the ghost of Christmas past beckoned me to look back on young Emily, back when we first started serving this dish for Christmas.  I had no idea what a frittata was in those days.  I just knew that this thing that we were eating was, creamy, flavorful, and delicious and made me feel like it wasn’t even so very horrible to be eating something with vegetables, even for breakfast!  I also loved the word “frittata,” and ran around saying it dramatically, as though I was casting a spell.  “Frittata! Frittataaaaa!” (Yes, I was an obnoxious little kid.)

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