Vindaloo curry with parsnips and halibut

November 21, 2011 § 5 Comments

Yes, vindaloo with parsnips and halibut sounds, well, weird, for lack of a more graceful word.  But it tastes really quite amazing.  So, you should give it a chance.

It’s alternate name is fish-nip-aloo, which, of course, really makes it sound awesome.

Actually, I rather like the name fishnipaloo for the dish.  It’s quirky.  It sounds a bit like the name of a Bollywood dance, and that fits this particular curry incredibly well.

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Extremely green peas

July 12, 2011 § 17 Comments

That’s peas with an A.  An A, so you can stop your sniggering, you. 🙂 (or am I the only one here who still has a third grade sense of humor in this regard?)

Anyway…The farm we get our vegetable share from offers pick-your-own _____ several times during the course of the season for a small variety of vegetables and fruits.  Just a little while back, we scurried out there to catch the tail end of strawberry picking.

The very tail end.  I don’t know if strawberries can ever be considered dregs – they’re so precious! – but there was not much left out there in the fields.  We spent a couple of hours on our hands and knees, scrabbling and rummaging and getting excited over every single non-moldy find, trying to fill up our baskets.

The peas, though, were another story entirely.  After we grew too weary to reach for any more low-lying strawberries, we mosied over to the pea patch to see what we could see.  What we saw was a wild jungle of tangled pea tendrils, cascading with dangling pods, so pudgy they looked fit to burst.

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