Pork tortas with jicama slaw (Mexican style pork sandwiches)

June 4, 2010 § 2 Comments

I wish the Earl of Sandwich were alive today, so I could write him a very thoughtful, personalized thank you note.  What a stroke of brilliance, the sandwich!  Deciding to stick your meal between two pieces of sliced bread is like, I don’t know, the best thing since slicing the bread in the first place.  I’m hard pressed to think of foods that aren’t good, or even improved by, being added to bread.  And, I think it’s entirely possible I would be quite happy eating only sandwiches for meals for the rest of my life.  Would it be good for me? Probably not (though you could do worse, especially if you’re using all sorts of interesting whole/sprouted grain breads).  But it would be oh so crusty, and tender, and juicy, and succulent, and crunchy, and spicy, and salty, and all the other wonderful things sandwiches can be.  (When I was in France, everyone who was complaining abut weight gain was blaming the fact that they had started eating sandwiches  for lunch, instead of nice sit down 3-course meals.  Having access to those baguettes, and that Camembert and pate, I could easily see how 3-courses may accidentally be replaced by 3 sandwiches before your stomach had time to override your tastebuds!).

On a standard day, I eat an open faced sandwich for breakfast, and another open faced sandwich at lunch (just classic smørrebrød, for those who are familiar).  Then on a happy day, I might also get to have a messy, finger-licking, stacked sandwich just packed with goodies for supper.

On special occasions (also known as: random days when we decide to get together and grab a bite to eat) my friend Megan and I sometimes like to go to a teensy-tinesy little restaurant in downtown Boston that we call “The Fancy Sandwich Place” (it’s real name is Mike & Patty’s).  Now, I’m more apt with sandwiches than with any other food to look down at it and say, “oh my gosh, this is the best thing I have ever eaten!”, and at “The Fancy Sandwich Place”, I think I’ve done this to every sandwich I’ve gotten there.  They make them with uber-fresh, high quality ingredients, and assemble them with care and a chef’s flair.  You absolutely can’t go wrong with any of the sandwiches there, but one of my favorites is the torta, which is kind of like a burrito put onto a sandwich: beans, cheese, vegetables, meat, guacamole.  The best, is the one made with carnitas – slow-cooked, juicy pork, that’s falling to pieces it’s so tender.  It’s topped with a slaw made of jicama root, which adds a wonderful sweet crunch. « Read the rest of this entry »

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