Italian sausage burgers with garlicky spinach

December 21, 2012 § 17 Comments

sausage burgers 1

I imagine, if you are like me, what you need right now is not another cookie or another cup of punch.  What you need is the world’s quickest and easiest tasty dinner, so you can be well fed between the events, between all the time commitments demanded by crafting the elegant meals and trays of cookies required for the days that are the events, between the traditions that can’t be monkeyed with.

And on some days, you may want that meal to be something other than spaghetti.  Nothing against spaghetti.  I love spaghetti.  I went through a phase of hating it because I thought we ate if far too often during my childhood, but now I understand why we ate it so often.  I 110% understand why because now that I’m the one making dinner, we eat it just about as often, though usually with spaghetti squash these days rather than actual pasta.  But, even with that understanding, there are only so many days in a row one can stomach spaghetti.

Which is why these burgers are such a great find.  I’m pretty sure the idea came from Food & Wine, or else Bon Appetit.  It was one of the various food magazines that I was reading on one of my several recent work trips at any rate, and the idea stuck with me.

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Baked eggs and spinach with za’atar

December 19, 2010 § 21 Comments

I seem to have a problem right now.  A little glitch in the way my Christmas spirit is playing out.  I am not a shopper by any means.  For the most part I avoid it with an admirable (I think) level of assiduity.  And when I do have to shop, I psych myself up, put on my game face…and then still only last 10-15 minutes before I start to get childishly irritable.  Anything I thought that I wanted or needed evaporates from my mind and I enter this amazing ascetic state of not wanting anything except to get out (it’s especially bad in TJ Maxx, even though, yes, I know the store can be incredibly handy for finding things you need like new towels or work clothes that don’t have worn out hems and pockets that lead people to raise a slightly judgmental eyebrow at you).  But lately, happily, it has been the time to do some shopping for others, which in general I much prefer.

We’ve been scurrying around, wish lists in tow, searching for the standard hopalong boots for Barney and Ben and that doll that walks and talks for Janice and Jen, and so on.  And I keep finding things for myself instead!  I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to buy more for yourself than for your entire family shopping list combined, but there these lovely things are sitting on the shelves begging me to give them just a little closer look.  A book that I suddenly remembered I want to read.  Some awesome eggplant purple running shorts on clearance.  Adorable polka dotted napkins.  Oh, and this fabulous little individual-sized, red Le Creuset baking dish – on super sale!  How could I not buy it?  (Don’t answer that.) « Read the rest of this entry »

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