Cocktail Party Nutrition – Beer’s to your health!

January 25, 2010 § 1 Comment

I hear there’s some sort of big game coming up.  Now, I don’t consider the World Handball Championships a game, personally, I take it far too seriously, but if you’re going to be frivolous about it, that’s your choice I guess…Okay, yes, I’m kidding.  Even I am not quite so out of touch that I don’t know the Super Bowl is coming up (though I’ll admit that up until college, I kind of had it in my mind that the Super Bowl only happened every four years, like the Olympics.  Imagine the looks I got, when people were talking about it my sophomore year and I was like, “but didn’t that just happen last year?”)

I also realize, what with the quantity of spicy wings and nachos consumed, nutrition isn’t exactly at the top of people’s minds during the afore mentioned sporting event.  However, wouldn’t it be fun to have a couple of juicy factoids to briefly convince yourself that that beer you’re drinking is actually good for you?  And, on the many other days of the year when the Super Bowl is not happening (that would be approximately 364 of them), but you’re somewhere with a  cold hoppy beverage in your hand, you can nutritionally justify it.  Unless, that is, it’s some disgusting lite or flavorless mass produced swill, in which case no amount of argumentation can justify it. « Read the rest of this entry »

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