Veiled farm girls, with pear

February 1, 2011 § 12 Comments

Oh dear, I feel like such a bad influence posting two desserts in a row. ¬†I’m usually not like this, I swear. ūüėČ ¬†But, this one is simply too lovely not to share. ¬†And, I’m going to go ahead and justify it by arguing that, if you replaced the whipped cream with yogurt then it would be almost healthy (though not nearly as fun!). ¬†Considering that the cooking boils off the alcohol from the white wine in the pear compote, you could even eat it for breakfast. ¬†So there we go, justification accomplished.

Veiled farm girls, or tilsl√łrte bondepiker, is a very traditional and equally delicious Norwegian dessert. ¬†Personally, I think it is a classic example of how a few simple ingredients, ingeniously combined, can result in something dazzling – it’s the gestalt theory of cooking! ¬†In the classic version of veiled farm girls you just layer applesauce with cinnamon breadcrumbs and whipped cream, and voila, dessert is ready! ¬†It’s almost too simple and too delicious to be true. ¬†Sadly, I was deprived of this wonder for many years as this is actually not one of the desserts I grew up with (though we sometimes had a dessert of similar spirit and simplicity we called krem bananer og rik rak, which was banana slices with whipped cream and chocolate shavings…yum.). ¬†I didn’t get to try tilsl√łrte bondepiker until I was in college, but when I was introduced to it, it was in a most spectacularly legitimate fashion.

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