Slow cooked Greek green beans

September 10, 2012 § 10 Comments

Did you have to take timed tests in elementary school?  (To this day I’m still not entirely sure whether they were called timed tests or times tests, after all, they were used for learning the times tables.)  A couple minutes to complete as many problems as you can multiplying by 7.  A couple minutes to complete as many problems as you can dividing by nine.  Awful.  Awful awful awful.  There’s a pit in my stomach now, just remembering.

I’ve never done well with time pressure.  I freeze up when I’m in a hurry, making stupid mistakes, leaving a trail of minor disasters.  But, I also hate being late.  So, I won’t just take the extra time I sometimes need.  Basically, time, deadlines, and I all keep slightly different schedules.  And I occasionally lose my sanity  trying to force them into alignment.

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Pork braised with beer and cinnamon

April 11, 2012 § 20 Comments

Hello friends.  How are you?  I am well, but my head is quite lodged in a cloud of data.  Like the high peak of a mountain, caught in its own little weather pattern of eternal fog.  Would that I had some of the other characteristics of a mountain to compensate!  I trust that at some point it will all coalesce and I’ll be able to step out of it enough to see what shape it is – a bunny! a dragon! an armadillo! ah, the shapes clouds take on… – but right now I’m in the thick of it, hours upon hours of interview data.

(At least it’s the very best kind of data I could possibly be wanting to work with – people’s stories!  How precious!  Yet, I find this also makes it all the harder to do anything akin to analyzing.  I’d rather just listen…)

Also, along with Boston’s schoolchildren, whatever wonky muse I may be endowed with seems to be taking an April vacation.  Anyone who has seen Elizabeth Gilbert’s stellar TED talk on creativity and genius will know exactly what I mean when I say, my genius is being “kind of lame” at the moment.  (And, if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.  It’s fascinating and entertaining.) « Read the rest of this entry »

Focaccia with roasted tomatoes and onions

May 4, 2010 § 4 Comments

Look what I made!  I baked.  And by now we know what that means…the train has just pulled in to procrastination station, and it might be here for a while, so you may as well get off and stretch your legs.  What can I say?  I don’t feel like writing an abstract for the paper I’m currently working on.  Oh, and the other thing I can say is that this might be the best product of my procrastination yet!

My parents went to Italy last year for a trip (can you believe they didn’t take me?!  The devestation!), and were kind enough to show me their pictures a couple of times and tell me the stories of their meals in such detail that if those photos hadn’t been digital, I’m pretty sure they would have been ruined by my drooling.  What I have been most stuck on was the descriptions of the focaccia they had.  Loaves of bread laced with olive oil and topped with any number of uber-Italian ingredients for the baking.  They traveled through the region where focaccia is originally from!  I was fairly consumed with jealousy and vowed that I would travel there myself someday, and until then figured I had to at least try making some good focaccia myself.

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