Lamb chops with coconut mint sauce

May 17, 2011 § 11 Comments

Gratulerer med dagen!  It’s Norway’s national day, so I’m all in a tizzy getting ready to celebrate, and I’ll get back to you with some delicious treat from the day, but for now I’m going to share this post, which I wrote yesterday but didn’t get a chance to publish…

As I’m sitting writing, I’m looking through the windows watching a couple of little neighbor girls outside playing in the rain.  They are a whirl of colorful rain coats and spindly legs, executing awkwardly graceful dance moves as they boogey around and over the picnic table, over and over again.  It’s sweet to see.  It’s giving me a better attitude about the rain, actually.  And, it also has me thinking about books.

I feel like I’m not a very good reader these days.  What can I say?  Something about the process of spending long days reading papers full of painfully passive sentences or obtuse allusions to social theory that I do not remotely understand (this, for example: “Structures exist paradigmatically, as an absent set of differences, temporally ‘present’ only in their in their instantiation, in the constituting moments of social systems…”  Do you understand that?  Because I don’t.) leaves me feeling rather loathe to crack open a novel at the end of the day, at least one that’s at all high quality since it’s almost bound to be depressing and require more thought than I’m willing to expend.

I have, though, been reading children’s literature.  These books are the opposite of convoluted, but still tell wonderfully engaging tales.  I just made my way through my favorite trilogy of dragon stories, and I suddenly remembered a book that I loved when I was younger that I might have to seek out to read again, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.  Did you read that book?  It’s the story of Peter, a well meaning and generally well behaved fourth grader who has a younger brother called “Fudge.”  And, Fudge is a little hellion but somehow he almost always manages to be the one who gets the attention and gets his way because he’s so cute.

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Lamb chops with pesto

June 17, 2010 § 2 Comments

Sometimes you just need to cheat a little.  Take a slightly less bumpy hilly path and give yourself a breather.  This is one of those weeks, where, as I near the end of it I feel myself dragging, and I know I need to cut a few corners.  Or maybe heed Ben Franklin a little better and start getting to bed a little earlier to offset my ‘early to rise’ (the potentially perilous consequences of a good book!!).  Or both.  My brain is so zonked, I can barely think of what to say.  And boy!  I wish you could see how hilarious it gets in my kitchen when my brain has gone on the fritz: juices squirting, spices spilling, projectile leaves…and I discovered what an amazing protective device fingernails are if you chop directly on top of your finger (don’t try it at home!).  I may not be suave enough for the food network, but sometimes I think my kitchen could be the focus of a reality show, called something along the lines of “The Disaster Zone.”  « Read the rest of this entry »

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