Rice pudding with brown butter fig sauce

October 8, 2010 § 17 Comments

One of my favorite things about people in general is that no matter how much we think we can circumscribe ourselves or others – a student, a lawyer, ENFJ, type A, typical youngest child, Irish, Korean, spiritual, poetic, athletic… – we are all still full of the most  wonderful, quirky contradictions.  I have friends who are quiet and unassertive but extremely self-assured, who are the life of the party but are really introverted, who are homebodies but also world travelers, who cook gourmet Turkish food but can’t pass up the chance to eat a hot dog.  It keeps things so much more fun than if we were actually predictable.  For myself, I’m a reluctant, grouchy morning person.

We were at some friends’ wedding this summer, and in one of the speeches the bride was described as being able to wake up and spring from her bed, beautiful and sunny like a Disney princess ready to call all the woodland creatures to her with a song.  Yeah, that is reeeeeaaaally not me.  I pry my eyelids open a millimeter at a time in response to the wretched beep beep beep of my alarm.  I fumble for clothes, run into things, groan.  I have been gently informed that I’m basically an irrational, slightly testy, mess until I have my cup of coffee.  But at the same time, I wouldn’t miss the morning for the world.  It’s absolutely my favorite time of day, quiet, full of potential, full of breakfast. « Read the rest of this entry »

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