Breakfast arepas with egg and avocado

November 3, 2012 § 21 Comments

When I came up with the idea of making breakfast arepas, I felt extremely innovative.

I was first introduced to arepas several years ago in Boston by a friend of mine who excels in the sniffing-out-cheap-but-good-street-food department.  I enjoyed the golden cheese-filled corn cakes a lot – it’s hard not to like warm cheesy corny stuff – but they didn’t excite me to the degree many other street foods (did somebody say kimchi tacos?) do.

Why?  Probably because, for unknown reasons and a shameful lack of imagination on this front, it took me until just days ago to realize that you could stuff an arepa with more than just cheese or cheese and beans.  So much more!

A few days ago, I saw an image of arepas filled with avocado, pork, and salsa, and my immediate thought, because there are few things on this planet I love more than avocado + egg for breakfast, was “arepas filled with avocado and fried eggs!  ImustmakethisandeatitNOW!!!!”  And I felt very clever for having such a unique idea.

Then, last night I was texting with my brother who lives in Manhattan (he has power back!  Yay!  I hope everyone else still without power also has it restored ever so quickly!) who had written to me to tell me that I really needed to try making a bourbon and maple syrup milkshake.  (Um, yes, clearly I do.)  Somehow it came up that he had eaten an arepa for dinner, and I told him excitedly, “guess what! I’m making breakfast arepas tomorrow morning!” « Read the rest of this entry »

Truffled (!) potato pancakes with fried eggs for breakfast

May 2, 2010 § 1 Comment

“Wow,” I thought to myself as I set breakfast down on the table.  “Did I just take up residence in Martha Stewart Living, or something?”  Then I glanced over at the piles of paper on the edge of the table and the laundry that hadn’t yet been folded, and I knew I hadn’t.  But, that didn’t change the fact that I had just made truffled potato pancakes and over easy eggs for breakfast, on a weekday, no less!

It all started because I somehow bought some truffle butter.  This is what happens when it’s too long until the next farm share delivery, and I’m allowed to go by myself, unsupervised, to the grocery store to restock the kitchen after being gone for a while.  I get awestruck by all the fancy specialty ingredients and every now and then I discover that I’ve bought something that I didn’t intend to buy, but that in the moment seemed eminently useful.  I love the earthy, musky flavor of truffles, but in general they are way too fancy-pants for my style of cooking.  I rarely go in for fancy and frilly (unless I’m at a nice restaurant and someone else is paying, hehe!).  I’ve only bought a truffle product one other time before and that was because I read an article by the amazing and hilarious food writer Jeffrey Steingarten about a truffle sandwich that was the new rage in Haute Cuisine in Paris.  That right there would normally signal “out of your league” to me, except that he described it in such darn engaging, drool-inducing language, and then he shared the recipe!  I descended into some crazy, hazy truffle-desiring stupor that compelled me to empty the contents of my savings account and buy a truffle to shave on country bread, thickly slathered with butter, which was then wrapped and refrigerated overnight and grilled the next day.  It tasted pretty much like buttery bread with truffle.  Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but I didn’t ascend into some special circle of fungal heaven or anything.

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