Vindaloo curry with parsnips and halibut

November 21, 2011 § 5 Comments

Yes, vindaloo with parsnips and halibut sounds, well, weird, for lack of a more graceful word.  But it tastes really quite amazing.  So, you should give it a chance.

It’s alternate name is fish-nip-aloo, which, of course, really makes it sound awesome.

Actually, I rather like the name fishnipaloo for the dish.  It’s quirky.  It sounds a bit like the name of a Bollywood dance, and that fits this particular curry incredibly well.

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Kohlrabi slaw and flounder with lemon and garlic scapes (the rest of the meal!)

July 15, 2011 § 2 Comments

In spite of having a substantial dose of the type A in my personality, planning is not one of my strong suits.  Particularly not the detailed kind.  When I plan, checklists, and spreadsheets, and timelines usually fail to make an appearance. Instead, I make a broad sweep through the general idea of what’s going on, or what I’d like to have happen, and then I have a tendency to assume it will just fall into place.

I have been known to forget to order chairs for an event, or to reserve a room for a meeting, or assign tasks to people.  Sometimes I think it’s because I don’t try hard enough.  That if I were more patient and focused, I would be able to keep track of details.

But really, often it’s not for lack of trying that I don’t plan adequately, it’s because sometimes it simply doesn’t even occur to me to think about the things I miss.  I try hard, but they never make even a cursory appearance in my brain.   It has a bit of the same sticky mental feeling about it as the way, no matter how hard I think about it, I can never spell guarantee right on the first try.

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Salmon cakes with spicy mayo

December 2, 2009 § 7 Comments

Woe is me! I am already out of Thanksgiving leftovers. Which means I am also almost entirely out of food in my house. Preparing for Thanksgiving kind of took over the grocery shopping part of my brain leaving me completely unable to plan ahead for what would come afterwards. Couldn’t I just eat leftover turkey and mashed potatoes for every meal for the next couple of weeks? No, it turns out! I couldn’t. It, sadly, didn’t last nearly that long. The Thanksgiving feast also left me feeling a bit like I shouldn’t be required to cook anything (apart from making stock from the turkey bones to make into soup) for still another few days (on a side note, Thanksgiving was an adventurous day that I’m sure I’ll describe at some point in the future, and which turned out quite deliciously in the end with very few catastrophes and only one semi-serious injury, caused by an oyster shucker (picture squirting blood from the palm of the hand being staunched with a maxi pad – hopefully you’ll laugh and get the general idea!).

Anyways, with almost nothing in my refrigerator, I turned to the pantry. These are the days when I’m very glad I keep around canned fish, especially canned salmon! We’re all supposed to be eating more fish anyway – omega 3 fats and some of the other fishy components are good for the heart and brain, and give you a nice glossy coat (er, if you’re a dog or cat). I love fresh fish, but it can be hard to cook as often as I would like because it can be so darn expensive, and frequently the stuff they have at the fish counter is farm raised (not as healthy!) and looks as though it hasn’t seen the sea in so many weeks it has started to think it’s a pack of camels. For a while I got fish through something called a community supported fishery, which involved picking up a delivery of freshly caught fish once a week. The problem was, the fish were MASSIVE and needed to be filleted and gutted immediately. And who has time to do that at 3 on a Tuesday afternoon?! « Read the rest of this entry »

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