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August 9, 2011 § 8 Comments

We drove to Washington D.C. and back last weekend.  We weren’t even there for the weekend, really.  We left at 6am on Friday to attend a wedding that evening (which was really lovely, but also set in a stately, picturesque, and totally un-airconditioned – read 105 degree – church, and the ceremony was not a short one.).

We danced into the night and had the requisite midnight snack of soggy, greasy pizza in slices the sizes of our head (does that happen to you too?  I always find I’m starving by the time a wedding is over because I’ve been dancing the last 3-4 hours since dinner), went to sleep, and then dragged ourselves out of bed at 6:30 the next morning again to drive back up to Boston.

We listened to far too much news on the radio, which always winds up making me upset and dour about the state of the world.  And we listened to Paul Simon, which made me feel better.  And we just generally spent way more time in a car than one should reasonably spend over the course of two days.

The full throttle approach to the road trip was my fault.  You see, I had decided that since we were going to be driving through an area ever so vaguely in the general proximity of Brooklyn, we needed to make sure that that happened before 2pm on Saturday because I was going to go to Smorgasburg, come hell or high water.

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