Spinach gone right (with raisins and nuts)

March 29, 2010 § 4 Comments

I’m helping a friend out, right now, with testing recipes and taking photos for a cookbook that she’s making as a fundraiser for Re-Vision House Urban Farm, a really cool organization that provides fresh, local food and job training to women in an associated homeless shelter.  It’s really awesome, the feeling of being able to contribute to an organization whose mission you really believe in, and it’s also pretty wonderful because I’m having ridiculous amounts of fun in the process of making this contribution.  It kind of flies in the face of the message you’re subtly fed when you grow up Lutheran.  Messages a la Garrison Keillor about how life is supposed to be hard work with a bunch of suffering in the mix, and it is your job to make the best of it because it could be worse.  I have to admit, I actually believe a lot of that message, I mean, I’m old enough to know that that’s just being realistic.  However, it seems that that doesn’t have to be the end of the message, that it could use a little addendum that reminds us: ‘and hey, sometimes it’s really fun too, and just because something is hard work or happens to be your duty doesn’t mean that it can’t also be occasionally quite enjoyable!’

Now, I’m afraid I’m going to be  ridiculous and relate this train of thought back to food…because for me, everything seems to relate back to food (maybe because I’m hungry again!).  It’s just that, the first dish I tested and shot photos of for this cookbook gave me the same message, in a weird way.

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