Maple-soy sauce braised pork ribs

November 10, 2010 § 4 Comments

I’m tired right now.  My butt is tired from biking all over the city to collect interview data.  My voice is tired from chewing out drivers who are being inattentive (er, well, that’s not actually true because I never quite get up the gumption to let loose with the internal vitriolic that I have worked up, but um, my inner voice is tired).  My brain is tired from trying to think about hypotheses.  And my self is tired because wow, we went and lost another hour of daylight there and pardon me but it’s really pretty friggin’ dark these days.  It’s funny because I’m a winter person, or at least I totally love winter, but I think I may also get a titch of seasonal affective disorder.  So anyway, with all this tiredness built up, I have realized that it is time.  It is time for comfort food.  Food that cooks slowly in the oven until it’s tender and falling apart.  Food that is only about as complex as a three word sentence.  Subject, verb, object:  Emily eats hotdish (that’s Minnesotan for casserole, in case you were confused).  Or perhaps:  Emily eats shortribs.  It is time for lasagne, mashed potatoes, pot roasts, braised ribs, stews, gravies.

I was getting suspicious from my general mood that maybe it was time.  Then my mother sent me a goulash recipe accompanied by the admonition that I really needed to get cooking some slow roasted meat dishes – the kind that sit in your slow cooker all day, generally minding their own but also taking care to gussy themselves up just so and to treat you to dinner.  So then I knew for sure it was time.  Moms are never wrong about these kinds of things.  A minor problem though.  I don’t have a slow cooker, so anything that needs a couple of hours to cook, I have to be there for.   And I don’t want to eat dinner at 9 pm, so the days that can support dishes that fall into the same genre as pot roasts and stews have to be carefully selected.  But, sometimes there are days when you can get home a little early and stick something in the oven.  Those, my friends, are very good days. « Read the rest of this entry »

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