Strawberry drinking vinegar

July 26, 2011 § 23 Comments

Ok, I’m back.  And I’m going to put this out there:  I have a bit of a drinking problem.  It’s kombucha.  I LOVE the stuff!  It’s tangy, and fizzy, and refreshing imbibeable perfection in a bottle.  I could drink it all day.  Except it’s a leeetle expensive.  And, I have not had great success with brewing my own.  I’m not half bad at tending plants, and pets for that matter (er, except for one unfortunate incident with my pet frog in early grade school), but my kombucha-mother (the fungus that you leave in the sweetened tea to ferment it and fill it with nurturing probiotics) care is apparently sub-par.

Also, I get seriously overwhelmed by all the babies they produce. I have on several separate occasions gone all irrational, thrown up my hands in overwhelmedness and thrown everything – mother, babies, tea – away as if I were fighting against alien invasion.  It’s not good.

Anywho, it’s been so funny to see how kombucha has come back into popularity over the past couple of years.  When we were quite little (around the same time as the unfortunate frog incident, in fact) my dad used to brew kombucha.  The kombucha fungus lurked in a bucket of tea, hidden in the bottom cupboard of a coral-colored dish cabinet in the kitchen.  Building up an air of mystery, my brothers and I would show it to our friends like a circus side-show to elicit whispers of “look,” “ewww!” and “what is that??”

One unfortunate (in our opinion) little boy actually drank some of it once, thinking it was apple juice.  His face, as the vinegary fermented flavor hit his tastebuds, was priceless.  Had youtube and flip videos existed back then, we would have had a viral moment on our hands. « Read the rest of this entry »

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