The best gift is the giving

December 4, 2012 § 12 Comments

Hi guys!  I’m still in Boston for work, but all the visiting of friends (not to mention our department holiday party last night) has left me with holiday gifts on my mind.  I’m not a particularly good gift giver.  As soon as I start trying to figure out what to give to someone specific, my mind goes blank.  Kind of like when someone asks what the word for (fill in the blank) is, and I immediately can’t remember even though I totally know it.

So, I love gift guides because they get my wheels turning, and now and then I’ll see something that makes me think of someone, and I get that blissful aha! moment.  And I know what to do.  Because, even though I’m not particularly good at giving gifts, I do enjoy it immensely.

Anyhow, with that in mind, I thought I’d put together my own little gift guide of things (mostly food related) I’ve seen here and there that I really love, and therefore am inclined to believe that at least a couple other people in the world might love as well.   Also!  A few of the things below are from the Food52 shop.  They’ve started to curate a collection of wonderful, high-quality products from artisan producers and make them available to home cooks through their website.  I am a big, make that HUGE, fan of collections of things that have been pre-assembled for me by people of remarkable taste.  It saves me a lot of aches and pains caused by the choice paradox.  You should go check them out particularly because they’re letting me share a promotion with you.  Woo!  Holiday promotions!  If you enter a code you can save an extra 10% on shop items.  The details of the promotion are at the end of the post.

And now, some things I love…


One of my best friends gave me these coasters for my birthday.  She knows me too well.  They’re wonderful and you should get them for someone too!

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Joel’s first guest post

October 31, 2012 § 2 Comments

To all of you who received an email for a post called “Al Capone was a local,” um….oops.  That was not me.  That would be Joel who didn’t quite scrutinize the computer screen closely enough to realize he was posting on my blog, not on our distillery website.  He’s detail oriented like that.

Sooooo, no post!  Well, at least not here, but hey, if you do want to read the post, you can check it out at the brand-spanking-new-extremely-preliminary-designed-by-us-not-designers Vikre distillery website.  And that’s kind of fun!

Vikre Distillery: Al Capone Was a Local

One year

October 1, 2012 § 28 Comments

There are some important bits and pieces of news to be shared around here, friends.  First, I got bangs.  Whoa.  It’s been several days, but I still do a double take every time I see myself.  And I’m still trying to decide whether it is a good or bad double take.  Time will tell.  (Time will also grow my hair back out, so maybe it won’t tell.  I may be doomed to eternal ambiguity.  Yipes.)

I also saw the preview for the newest season of Downton Abbey.  Oh dear.  Now I won’t be able to sleep until I can watch the full season…and then once it’s on I won’t be able to sleep because I’ll be fretting too much about every one in the show!  Well, mostly I’m just over-invested in Lady Mary’s happiness.  She’s just awesome.  Though not quite as awesome as the Dowager Countess. But that goes without saying.

Oh, it’s also our one year wedding anniversary.  Woo!  Because we decided to go ahead and elope before our wedding, we’ve technically been married for two years and one month.  A month ago we were up in the Northwoods reuning with old friends and we mentioned that it was our anniversary.  “No,” they declared, “your anniversary is in October!”  And you know what, they were the ones who were right.

A marriage and a wedding are about two people, a couple, but they are also about more.  A wedding and a marriage are about love, hope, commitment, about a special occasion but also the day-to-day.  They are about the friends and family, the community, that is there witnessing and supporting the couple who weds.  We knew that then and still focus on that now.  We knew that well enough to be planning a wedding with our community, even as we decided to elope.  « Read the rest of this entry »

The Feast

August 29, 2012 § 4 Comments

Hello dears!  We rolled into Minnesota last night around midnight after approximately 5 bazillion hours of traveling.  But we’re here!  It’s amazing!  Now we have a lot of unloading to do.  Uffdah.

But, I had to stop in here quick to share a little bit more excitement.  Perhaps you remember the Feast of Nationalistic Proportions I hosted back at the very beginning of summer.  Perhaps you don’t.  Either way, I am thrilled to say that all this week, a series of articles I wrote about it are being featured over on Food52, one article each day. The brilliant folks at Food52, among their many fun and creative ideas, have been hosting a series called Big Feast.  And, my feast is this month’s feast (eee!  I’m so excited!!).  So, you should definitely go check them out to read all about the planning, cooking, and hosting process of the party.

The first article (from Monday) is: The Big Idea

The second (from yesterday) is: Creating a menu of Nationalistic Proportions

There will be another one going up today, and then another on Thursday, and then Friday.  (Yes, that is what one each day means.  You probably did not need me to explain that.  Forgive me, I’m addled from riding in a moving truck.).  So, go read, make, create, enjoy!

Update:  Oh look, here’s the third one!  Learning to love foraging.

Merry and Bright

December 23, 2011 § 4 Comments

We’re in Eastern Washington for Christmas, then on to Northern Minnesota for New Year’s.

Squid is with us – the amazing traveling puppy!  She’s enjoying meeting the rest of her human family, and absolutely loving playing in the woods and meeting other dogs.

Our Christmas looks like it will be white with a sparkling diamond layer of frost, rather than snow, but at least it’s some white.

Wishing you peace, joy, and love in this holiday season!

Mother’s day menus

May 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Just in case you’re still trying to come up for a mother’s day menu to cook for mom, here are a few potential menus, two for brunch and two for dinner.  Happy mother’s day tomorrow! « Read the rest of this entry »

Home again, home again, jiggedy jig

July 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Well friends, I’m off to the mother land for a couple of weeks!  Can’t wait to share pictures and stories when I get back.

Left my heart in…

June 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hello friends!  I’m in San Francisco for a while for a friend’s wedding.  (And it’s my first time ever in California, wow!)  So, it may be a little bit before I post again, so pardon my absence, but I’ll be back, hopefully with some good stories.

Gratulerer med dagen!!

May 17, 2010 § 2 Comments

A couple food policy tidbits

April 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Kathleen Merrigan, my former food policy professor who is now the deputy secretary of the USDA and an amazing champion of organics and local, sustainable food, is in the running for the TIME list of the 100 most influential people of 2010!!  Which is totally exciting and awesome for the sustainable food movement!  If you’d like to vote for her (you use the slider above the picture to rate the level of influence of the person) go here: Kathleen on TIME.  Also, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution – his show trying to bring cooking and healthier foods to one of the most unhealthy communities in the US (in West Virginia) – is taking off and receiving a lot of attention.  I haven’t quite decided how I feel about the show or his approach, however I think the goal of getting people back in touch with their food in its most whole form and teaching cooking skills is really admirable, and I love his vision, which you can sign on to support by signing his petition.

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