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Hello friends!  Hello from the land formerly known as our apartment and now known as Cardboard Boxopolis.  In other words, hello from here:

Ever since last weekend, the transition has been happening bit by bit.  Newspaper crumple by newspaper crumple, all of our belongings have been wrapped and sorted into boxes and bins.  Joel is disassembling the furniture pieces he has built to make them more transportable.  I’m carefully wrapping all the art in multiple protective layers because I’m anal about that.

Squid is watching the whole process with skepticism and trepidation.  You can just see the questions in her eyes as she watches us from the couch.  “Um, what’s going on here guys?  What are all these weird cuboidal creatures invading our house?  Why are you paying attention to them instead of rubbing my belly?”

By about 3pm each day, the whole thing makes her too nervous and she vacates her position on the couch and goes and curls up unhappily in her crate in our room.  We keep reassuring her that we’re not leaving her behind, and soon she’ll live next to real woods.  (Real woods!)  But, she doesn’t seem to understand all those words as well as she understands “treat” or “walk.”

Because my concept of spatial relationships and packing are not exactly the most effective or efficient, while on the other had I am extremely good at generating avoidance tactics that appear to the outside world as still being productive, I decided that I should take a whole evening off of packing yesterday to make food for the road trip.

I think Heidi, Elissa, Kimberly, and Sarah’s thoughts about eating well while traveling must have given me some type of bug because I didn’t just prepare a bit of portable food for 30 hours on the road, I made a big old mess.  It was my last chance to have a serious project in this particular kitchen before it too gets tidily sequestered into boxes, so what the heck, eh?

I don’t have anything mind blowing to add to the way others have approached choosing good food for travel.  The keys are sturdiness, portability, not requiring utensils, and not too saucy lest your lap become a drip tray.  Oh, and the food needs to keep well with relatively little refrigeration (though we’re going to have a cooler because we travel in luxury like that).

Mostly, I’ve put Frances the sourdough starter to good work and made a batch of savory sourdough ricotta summer squash pancakes.  Then, I made a batch of slow rise sourdough calzone dough (by replacing the yeast with about a quarter cup of starter and letting it rise in the fridge for 3 days) and used it to make an assortment of stuffed breads.

Some are filled with a saute of broccoli, red onions, currants, pine nuts, and balsamic vinegar with goat cheese folded in.  Others are filled with cabbage and mushrooms sauteed with garlic, ginger, and curry spices.  The ones I’m most excited about, though, are the breakfast ones.  (Maybe it’s just because I love breakfast so much.)  These are filled with scrambled eggs, spinach, avocado, tomatoes and herbs.  No drive through stops for us!

It’s rather satisfying knowing that we have meals ready to go (they’re waiting in the freezer at the moment) as neatly packaged as everything else we’re moving.

So, that’s all for now.  No recipes, I’m afraid, just ideas and some phone pictures!  The next time I stop back in here, we’ll probably be on the road or in Minnesota with a bit of documentation of the move.  Wish us luck!

(And on the note of traveling food, here’s another thread with lots of great ideas for highly packable food to carry with you so you don’t find yourself stuck buying junk.)

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