(drumroll please) The Introductory Post

August 24, 2009 § 15 Comments

I’m having some trouble writing this first post (which doesn’t bode so well, does it?) because this little voice keeps nagging me saying, “the last thing this world needs is another blog about food or cooking.”  I disagree, the last things the world needs is a massive resurgence of small pox or nuclear Armageddon.  So, another blog about food and cooking may just be the third to last thing the world needs.

BUT, I’m soldiering forward anyway.  The thing with most of the food and cooking blogs out there is that they are for and by people who are already foodies.  I think there just might be a tiny little bit of space out there for a blog that gets a little bit more down to basics – why this spice goes with that one, what you can do if you’re missing an ingredient for a recipe and why that substitution works.

I have in mind a particular instance that happened earlier this year:  I was visiting my family and we were at a cabin in the woods.  My mom, who is really a fabulous cook, had prepared a lovely supper, and then discovered to her dismay that we had no olive oil for making salad dressing.  In fact, we had no oil of any kind and no vinegar either – horrors!  She called me inside and confided this to me in distress, and asked what we should do.  I poked around in the kitchen cabinets and found an uninspiring hodge-podge of ingredients, but a hodge-podge I could work with.  I wound up mixing mayonnaise with a splash of white wine, a hefty does of lemon pepper, a nip of soy sauce, and a squirt of mustard.  It tasted fabulous, and my mom asked me wide-eyed, “how did you do that?  How did you know those things would go together?”  Now, if my mom, who loves to cook, feels lost when having to go off recipe, I imagine those with less cooking background find it even more intimidating.  So, I want this blog to be about how to make cooking real food into something that you can do, even if you haven’t had time to search out a recipe and buy the necessary ingredients.

Michael Pollan’s interesting article in the New York Times Magazine, “Nobody Cooks Anymore” points out a phenomenon I’ve been wondering about for a while: that even though more and more people are watching TV shows (and probably reading blogs) about cooking this does not seem to be inspiring them to be heading into the kitchen and actually cooking afterwards.  Admittedly, I’m not optimistic, but I want this to be a blog that makes people want to cook and also gives them tools to do so.  I’m busy, and I’m broke, and I’m a bit of a lazy cook, but on most days I still manage to sweet talk myself into cooking a home made dinner (though trust me, I have pizza-ordering days as well!), and I’m happier once I’m chopping and stirring, and smelling what I’m preparing.  And I feel healthier and happier after eating food that has been prepared by hands I know from ingredients that I know the origins of.  In fact, I’d bet (and this is something Mr. Pollan argues as well – he seems to be stealing all my arguments, and then he goes and gets them published in the NYT and books, oh well…) that without worrying about amounts and types of fats and carbs, and proteins, simply cooking our own food would make most of us healthier.

So, here goes, another blog about food and cooking…

§ 15 Responses to (drumroll please) The Introductory Post

  • Lisa G says:

    Emily! So excited to see you have a blog about cooking…I totally trust anything you write on this thing. Dreaming of spaghetti squash right now…hope you’re doing well.
    Lisa G

  • Emily- The world always needs new and unique expressions of all things- there is only ONE cooking blog by EMILY KUROSS- nobody else can do what you do – stay true to you and you will find tribe members. Love your writing!

  • Jen says:

    I also disagree that the world doesn’t need more food blogs. In fact, many people start a blog and stop, and many once popular blogs are now lying in the wasteland of the web, not updated and uncared for. Why shouldn’t a new group of bloggers jump right in? Whether inspired by others or just for ourselves, I say go for it (with both feet–or fingers, since we are talking about typing here).

    • Emily Kuross says:

      Why thank you Jen! I’m glad you think so, and when I think about it that way, I’m quite inclined to agree!

  • Rebecca says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog, I think through FoodGawker, and this reminds me of my life! Ok, not the nutritionist thing, or the whole grain issue…but you know, the busy, broke, lazy cook aspect. As someone who can relate to having been in the kitchen forever and yet not sure how to put a meal together without a recipe, this seems like a great place to be 🙂 Enjoying your entries and feeling inspired to cook!

    • Emily (Kuross) Vikre says:

      Hi! And welcome! You know, I think there may be a whole contingent of us broke, busy, lazy folk out there. We should probably have a club:). Anyways, I’m glad you’re enjoying the entries. Thanks for stopping by! And always feel free to share any cooking adventures you have yourself!

  • Meagan says:

    Where have you gotten your degrees/experience from? I am looking to going on to further schooling for the same thing 🙂 nutrition.

  • Carla says:

    Just found your blog because I was looking for the curried tuna recipe from Flour Bakery, which was around the corner from where I used to live. I miss it greatly. Anyway, I love to cook and bake, and I wholeheartedly agree that if we just cooked our own meals instead of eating out of packages, we’d be healthier. After living in Europe, I’m so surprised by all the grocery carts wheeling past me at the store. They are full of packaged food. Where’s the fresh stuff? And I can’t get over the number of people purchasing bright red plastic-looking strawberries in mid-winter. Who would want to eat a strawberry in winter? I digress. I made chocolate chip cookies today and once again thought, this is so much better than making them from a Pillsbury ready-made package. The effort makes it harder to prepare them, so you eat them less often, and you know just how much butter is in there. Something you are blissfully unaware of if you plonk the ready-made mounds onto a baking tray. I think you get more enjoyment knowing about all that butter, but you also eat a little less. Looking forward to perusing your blog!

    • Emily (Kuross) Vikre says:

      Flour is an easy bakery to miss 🙂 . It’s so true – isn’t it terrible how everywhere (even places we still romanticize as having strong food cultures) people seem to be eating more and more prepackaged foods?! But, here’s to those of us starting a small revolution to cook for ourselves more often! To know exactly how much butter we just put into our meal and enjoy it!

  • Sapna says:

    “without worrying about amounts and types of fats and carbs, and proteins, simply cooking our own food would make most of us healthier” – so true.

    You have a very nice blog. Will keep coming back 🙂

  • saucygander says:

    Your writing is interesting! I am often almost too busy to cook, but having recently started a food blog, I find it encourages me to cook properly more . I will be back often!

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